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Fiery action platformer focused on fluid movement and combat. Jump, dash, shoot and swing to stop mergers with the GEC, a monopoly funding “Happiness.

Inspired by Mega Man Zero/X.

  • 9 companies to break into, delivered in sets of 3 that you can tackle in any order, including a hub world linking them all together.
  • A lot of movement options, both classic and new. Dashing, dash jumping, wall jumping, dash wall jumping. Along with a grappling hook, free climbing fences, grabbing ceilings, dive kicking, rail grinding, and more!
  • Special abilities that are either tied to button combinations or have their own dedicated buttons.
  • A combo meter to shoot big lasers, dash through enemies, and overall look very cool with.
  • Shop for upgrades and find armor that displays visually, including heroic scarves and very red neckties.
  • Cool weapons like baseball bats and halberds.
  • Lots of powerups and exploring!
  • A colorful cast of very normal well-adjusted everyday CEO’s to argue with.

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This is genuinely some pretty awesome stuff. I'm really looking forward to this game's release! One question, though. Any plans to possibly release this game on Mac in the future?

Thanks! If all goes well, I'd like to have it working on Mac and Linux (it runs in browsers, so that should make things a bit easier).

This was an utter delight! Really took me back to the good old days of raging at games like Mega Man and Metal Slug. The level of detail that's gone into the backgrounds (and foregrounds) is really something, there's so much to admire here.

The controls are nice and intuitive (I kept pressing the wrong buttons because I'm an idiot, once my brain finally got into sync with my fingers it was fine), the demo level on display is challenging but not to the point of being impossible (or even seemingly so), and the boss fight was excellent!

I'll definitely be watching out for more of this brilliance, keep up the amazing work =)

the music stops playing after like a minute or 2. 

Trying out a new sound preloading method in the recent demo, hopefully that alleviates things!

I loved the game that style HQ was what surprized me the gameplay rather reminds me of megaman